How to Generate Amazon Style Receipts & Invoices with Bills99?

No matter what sort of online business you are handling, one of the most complex yet important aspects is to handle the payment process of your business. For this reason, a lot of businesses aim to plan an invoicing process like Amazon, and hence, intend to generate professional looking receipts like Amazon.

But how can you effectively generate Amazon-style receipts? No need to worry as you can seriously generate invoices like Amazon. Yes, it’s true! This is possible by using an efficient and reliable online amazon receipt generator – Bills99.

Using Bills99 you can create Amazon-style as well as other kinds of receipts easily and in just a few seconds. But before we delve into the details of how to go about it, first let us give you a brief idea of what exactly Bills99 is.

What is Bills99 – Amazon Receipt Generator?

Bills99 is an online bill or receipt generator platform that lets you create a variety of receipts in distinct formats in just a few clicks.

With the help of this online tool, you can create receipts, taxi bills, parking tickets, invoices, and other receipts as per your requirements. Whether you are a retail business or you are a customer who wants a copy of your bill, it is possible to create precise and error-free bills using Bills99.

The best thing is that this tool is very easy to use and lets you create receipts in just a few simple steps.

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Why Bills99 Is an Excellent Platform to Generate Amazon Style Receipts?

Bills99 is a reliable online platform providing all kinds of businesses convenient access to tools, which they can use to generate receipts, bills, gas receipts, parking tickets, invoices, and other kinds of requirements. It is an easy to use platform where the users can select from among innumerable templates available. Users can customize the receipt with the necessary details and download as well as email the receipt.

This tool is very convenient to implement and is perfect to keep track of your business’s financial transactions. It serves as a great tool to prepare tax and audits files.

You do have to sign up for Bills99 in order to use it. Just select from the numerous design templates and customize your receipt based on your preference and requirements. Once customization is done, use the generated bill or receipt accordingly.

How to Generate Amazon Style Receipts?

You can create Amazon style receipts using Bills99 in just three simple steps.

  1. Select – First, you need to select a template for your receipt as per your liking or preference. Bills99 offers hundreds of distinct templates. In order to create an Amazon-style receipt, you can select the template that exactly looks like the original Amazon receipt.
  2. Customize and Enter Details – The next step is to customize the receipt created by you. For this, you need to fill the necessary details in the receipt like tax numbers, bill amount, company logo, logo, and other details.
  3. Download or Print – The final step is to download the customized Amazon-style receipt. You can save the final receipt on yoor laptop and can print it using a thermal printer.

We will show you how easy it is in the video below:

Using Bills99, you can create almost every kind of receipt and in numerous monetary norms. Be it any company, business, industry, or country, Bills99 allows you to create tailored receipts. You can even create receipt copies for customers, merchants, and other categories and for all major currencies.

To Sum Up

You now know how easy and time-saving it is to create Amazon style receipts using Bills99. So, create an account for free trial with us and start using our amazing service.

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