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Grocery shopping is a daily affair for many. At the end of the process, the customer is handed a bill. This way, they can double-check whether they are overcharged or not. Grocery shopping receipts have to be given at an instant. Customers should not be left waiting after reaching the cash counter. If you use’s quick bill generating platform, you can provide customers with ready receipts all day long. 

Grocery Receipts

Grocery receipts should make it easy for a customer to read about the purchase. The font has to be big enough and the bill should account for all the products sold. For vegetables and fruits, the units must be counted in pounds or Kilograms. Whereas, for items such as cereal, they must be counted per unit. You can quickly generate the receipt of however you want, using the Bills99 tool. Additionally, the platform allows you to store the receipt for later use. 

Bill Format For Grocery Receipts

Bills used for Internet and Phone receipts have to include all the basics such as invoice number, the address for delivery, the customer details, the company logo, and details about the product. Besides this, different companies have more information they put into their bills. For example, Amazon might add a warranty detail based on the product ordered. Airtel might include the duration of a prepaid recharge. Take a look at some samples below. 

Grocery Receipt Templates:

1) Walmart Style Receipt: Base your design off the shopping giant, Walmart. The bill includes a logo on the top and an easy to read font that allows customers to understand their bills quickly. Click here for more information on the Walmart style receipt

2) Big Bazaar Style Receipt: If your products include everyday groceries, you might want to try the Big Bazaar styled receipt. The bill shows tax and a detailed description of every item sold. 

3) Grocery Sample Receipts: Here are some more receipts you can choose from for your billing requirements. You can easily create receipts using the Bills99 tool. You can change your logo and personalize the receipts as you like. 

How to Grocery Receipt Using Bills99

Making Receipts for Grocery has never been easier. Once you login to the Bills99 platform, here’s what you need to do:

Step 1: Select the Grocery receipt style category from the dropdown and hit the search button. 

Step 1 Generate Walmart Style Receipt

Step 2: Once you find the template you are looking for, hit generate below the desired model. We will be using the Wallmart Receipt as an example here. 

Step 2 Generate Walmart Style Receipt

Step 3: Enter the details of your receipt and hit generate at the bottom. Your invoice will appear on the right side, and you can instantly download it for use. 

Step 3 Generate Walmart Style Receipt

Step 4 Generate Walmart Style Receipt

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