Acquires, Merged

Press Release dated May 31st, 2020. has acquired the website The acquisition will mark the start of expansion, turning it into more than just an invoice generating platform. Additionally, it will mean will have complete control over the website and use the domain to cater to the audience of 

‘ was started to help businesses find the perfect way to generate bills, receipts, and invoices while also using our platform to store the bills created’, stated a spokesperson for Bills99. ‘But now it is time to expand and find bigger projects to work on, which is why we have acquired’, he added. 

Laws of subtraction is a book written by the eminent author, Mathew E. May. In the modern world, where people only want to keep having more things than giving, the book describes how the pleasant thought of ‘subtraction’ can lead to happiness. Reducing the excessive, limiting the hazardous, and understanding exactly how much we need is what the book implies to the reader. Though everything may be complicated and time-consuming, we can always find peace in the smaller things. This message bodes well with the working motto of – a small platform that leads to big success. is an online platform where users from different businesses and brands can create invoices, receipts, and bills within seconds. The platform allows you to generate an invoice with your company logo, and you can design the template around an existing company’s bill. The samples on the site include templates such as the OLA Taxi bill, Uber Taxi bill, Walmart style receipt, Walgreens Style Receipt, and more. The company is not limited to just shopping and transport, but also petrol, pharmacy, and general receipts. Some customers use it as a fake receipt maker to prank their friends. As the company heads into expansion day by day, there are more styles and better features available to the customers. 

From the acquisition, will be able to generate more users and turn the domain,, into a website that makes more traction. Mathew E. May states, ‘By working together, both companies benefit on a large scale with more reach and a better outcome.’ He further added that his book would target a larger audience by promoting and using his domain. Both brands would be working together to help customers arrive at their desired domain. 

Mathew E. May had also redirected the website to his name,, where customers can directly make a purchase or gain more information about his books. The redirection was for, which at the time was his best seller. has broadened the acquisition by taking over this domain and adding them to its repertoire. is expanding gracefully into a sector beyond receipt generation. The company wants to lead as an online bookkeeper where businesses can store essential invoicing data for future use. However, this means there will be a requirement for more space and more domains online. ‘Acquiring was merely a start. As time passes, we will be adding more reporting and finance-related domains, ‘ stated a spokesperson for