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Ola is one of the biggest car rental services in India and presently accounts for more than 60% of the market share in India. With its services operational in more than 80 cities in India, the company has thousands of registered cars and claims to block thousands and lakhs of bookings daily.

While you always get a bill receipt or invoice after the successful completion of your travel with Ola, there is a chance you may lose the bill and need it for some purpose or the other. It could be to claim your trip as a company expense urgently, or similar. Additionally, it can help if you run a small taxi business and wish to serve customers with an Ola style bill.

Therefore, you can now make bills or receipts exactly like Ola bills with the powerful and efficient online bill generator from Bills99.

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Decoding Ola Receipts

At Bills99, we offer online bill and invoice generator services that guarantee you receipts which are precisely like Ola’s. Firstly, no matter which place you are in, you can use our online receipt generator to make Ola style receipts in less than a minute and download it in your desired format. Secondly, our process is simple, and we have a similar template ready for you. In the end, all you have to do is enter the necessary details, and your receipt is ready for download.

OLA Style Receipt

Reasons To Use Ola Style Receipts:

There are numerous situations and business styles that require a bill similar to the OLA template, which has a map. 

  • A Private Taxi Business: As a private taxi business owner, you will be looking for different ways to improve your business. That includes finding ways to make your business more professional in all aspects, including billing. Therefore, using the OLA style bill, your clients are sure to be impressed and view your company in the same light as the transport giant. 
  • Prepaid Taxi Service: If you run a prepaid taxi service at railway stations and airports, you will have vast competition around you. But, by using the OLA style receipt, you are always going to be one step ahead, providing all of the trip details on your receipt. Bills99 can help you generate premium receipts for each ride.  
  • Renting or Carpool Services: The biggest problem you face when renting a private vehicle to a customer is collecting compensation for any damage that occurs while it is in the customer’s possession. These OLA style bills give you an upper hand, legally, and help you organize your business better. 
  • Claim Expenses from Company: Many companies reimburse travel expenses to their employees who use cabs for company work. But there are times when an employee may lose his or her travel bill and not recover it for claiming expenses. Bills99 can help generate a receipt similar to the OLA template, allowing you to claim the costs whenever needed. 

In these and more situations, an Ola style bill or receipt generator is the quickest solution. Your taxi service does not need to be rendered only by car. If your transport company uses motorbikes, auto-rickshaws, vans, and other modes then also you can offer your customers an OLA style bill and look professional. Apart from Ola, you can use Taxi Receipt Generator for other taxi receipt formats as well like Uber Style Receipts, Lyft Style Receipts and many others.

Why Use an Online Bill Generator from Bills99?

A blank template can indeed work for you. But why engage into a fuss when at Bills99 we have a professionally-looking, Ola style receipt template ready for you. Our model is the same, and there is nothing that you have to add, edit or change. All you have to do is enter the details.

The online bill generator from Bills99 is a robust and easy-to-use platform helping you create receipts identical to the style of Ola, in the least possible time. Subscribe now and enjoy the benefits of professional receipts. 

How to Generate OLA Style Receipts?

You can create OLA style receipts using Bills99 in just these simple steps.

  1. First, select the Tax Receipts Category from the dropdown menu, as shown below:

Step 1 Generate Ola Style Receipt

  1. Find the OLA Style Receipt Template, as shown below and click Generate:

Step 2 Generate Ola Style Receipt Step 2 Generate Ola Style Receipt

  1. Enter the trip details as per your requirement. There is a Sample Bill on the right to help you understand each box. 

Step 3 Generate Ola Style Receipt

  1. Add your logo and profile picture below. Once done, click on generate. 

Step 4 Generate Ola Style Receipt Step 4 Generate Ola Style Receipt

  1. The final step to your customized OLA style Bill is to download the receipt. Click on View Sample to check if you have missed any vital information, or click download to submit the bill to your customer. 

Step 5 Generate Ola Style Receipt

Check out the tutorial below and you’ll see how easy it is: Online Receipt Generator helps small companies generate bills and receipts everyday. In summary, Bills99 provides billing services from the biggest to the smallest of enterprises be it related to pharmacy receipts, parking receipts, restaurant receipts, gas receipts, grocery receipts, hotel invoices, phone receipts, sales receipt templates or simple receipt templates generic enough to be used by any sort of business. Bills99 aims to create the perfect bill for every company using a lot of pre-defined receipt templates. Moreover, we value feedback and understand how important your brand’s image is to your customers. Thus, we pride ourselves for making the perfect bills for any business.

Additionally, you can generate auto-repair receipts using our platform to submit for claiming expenses related to getting your car fixed.

To Conclude:

Knowing how easy it is to create an OLA style receipt, try our subscription. Enjoy the benefits of Bills99’s amazing receipt generator. 

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