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Press Release dated June 2nd, 2020. acquires ‘‘ in their latest press release dated June 2nd, 2020. acquisition is part of their expansion into the vast financial world, beyond invoices and receipts. The company is currently undergoing a series of purchases, is one of the first. Moreover, will have the authority to use the domain as it sees fit and provide services to a broader audience brought about by this acquisition.

‘Our vision was to assist companies in finding the perfect solution to generating an invoice immediately. Smaller companies that do not have the capital or workforce to handle financial issues such as billing, storing receipts for audits, and so on, can always rely on for their needs.’, said a spokesperson for ‘We want to do more and help our clients find their bills faster using a better search engine which they ( posses.’, he added. is an innovative online Quick book. The website has given several small scale companies a push in the right direction by providing them with a comprehensive view of their accounts. Knowing where you stand with your finances can help you take a step in the right direction. has helped in this regard and kept customers satisfied with its quick accounting system. By this acquisition, will be able to develop better accounting methods and improve users’ experience on a broader scale.

Using the platform, users can create different invoices, bills, and receipts in a matter of seconds. Various businesses and brands can generate an invoice with specific details or use our samples to ease the designing process. Our templates are duplicates of the biggest brands in the world, such as the OLA cab style receipt, Uber taxi style receipt, the Walgreens pharmacy style receipt, Walmart grocery style receipt, and so much more. Some people use it as a fake receipt generator to play a prank on their friends. Additionally, the website allows you to store your bills and receipts for future use and acts as a bookkeeper during audits and tax season. Bills99 is slowly expanding and acquiring multiple domains, which will turn them from a bill generator into a one-stop-shop for all your accounting needs.

Bills99.coms online platform will be getting a significant improvement by merging the QuickBooks model with its own. ‘If it wasn’t fast enough already, the waiting time for a receipt is going to reduce to zero now.’, said a spokesperson for ‘Integrating the positives from our software will allow more space, a more user-friendly platform and a more comprehensive view of a customer’s records that are stored with us.’, he added. is moving into the financial sector as one of the first online accounting software that help you keep a clear track of all receipts and bills handed to your customers. The entire process is simple and effective. Moreover, the subscription prices on the platform are phenomenally low. ‘We’re always going to be looking out for the little guy. Because that’s the backbone of this great nation.’, stated a spokesperson for ‘We understand how hard it is to start a company, and that’s why our prices are so low. In case our customers are not satisfied, we’ll even throw in a full refund – because we care.’, he added.