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Are you looking for a quick and easy receipt generator online? is the answer! You don’t have to spend hours to design and edit all your bills anymore. All you have to do is log in to Bills99 and enter the details of your receipt. The online tool lets you create a personalized bill template that you can instantly use for your customers. Our generic and simple receipt templates can be used for any business.

Why Use Bills99 for Simple Receipts Templates?

You’d spend hours trying to find the right receipt for your company if you start from scratch. But using Bills99, you can access our range of templates and bill models that finish 90% of the job. Most of your templates only require you to upload your logo on the bill. Besides this, you can enter details for different bills and immediately download them for your customers. 

Bills99 also acts as a reliable cloud storage platform for your receipts. Every receipt you create is accessible at any time, and this comes in handy while checking accounts or during an audit. 

What Details Are You Looking For In a Bill?

By creating a personalized, premium receipt, you are giving your customers a better shopping experience. By looking at your logo on the bill, it shows professionalism associated with your brand. Also, altering the font on the bill and the currency used is possible on the platform. Whether you want to add a business name, address or details of the customer, Bills99 let’s you add the information as required. Take a look at some of our templates below:

Generic Receipts Templates:

We have a variety of simple receipts, some where you can add details, and others where you can keep it short and sweet. Take a look:

1) Shopping Style Receipt: The perfect receipt for your business where you can enter details such as products sold, the taxes on products, and prices. This simple receipt can be altered and is just a logo away from the receipt a shopping giant like Walmart would provide it’s customers. Click here to know more about Walmart Style Receipts. 

2) Generic Taxi Style Receipts: When creating a taxi style receipt, you need to let your customers know why they are charged. This information includes the distance traveled and any taxes if included. If you want more premium bills, you can look up the Uber or OLA style receipts. Click here to know more about How To Generate Uber Style Receipts. 

3) Simple Pharmacy Style Receipts: The Pharmaceutical style bill is vital to prove the sale of medicines from your outlet. This receipt style if perfect for maintaining a record of your inventory to the T. If you need a receipt replica of a trusted brand, Click here to know more about How To Generate Walgreens Pharmacy Style Receipts. 

4) Gas Style Generic Receipt: Customers at a Petrol or gas filling station would demand a receipt for their purchase. If you have a line waiting, you need to be quick to produce the receipt. Here’s a template to save the day. 

5) Simple Food/ Eatery Receipt: For accounting purposes, a simple food receipt depicting the amount a customer pays, is sufficient. These help with audits and during tax calculations. 



How to Generate Sales Style Receipts Using Bills99

Making Receipts for Sales has never been easier. Once you login to the Bills99 platform, here’s what you need to do:

Step 1: Select the receipt style you are looking for from the dropdown and hit the search button. You can choose the receipts from the General receipts category for generic receipts. Or, you can select between grocery, internet phone services, or even pharmaceutical forms. 

Step 2: Once you find the template you are looking for, hit generate below the desired model. 


Step 3: Enter the details of your receipt and hit generate at the bottom. Your invoice will appear on the right side, and you can instantly download it for use. 


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Bills99 is your one-stop-shop for creating bills, receipts or invoices for daily use. By following the three simple steps above, you can generate a professional receipt in a matter of seconds. Impress your customers with premium receipts that bear your logo. Our Templates above are just some of the models we have. We also show you How to Generate a Lyft Style Recepit or An OLA style Taxi Receipt

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